Creating mouthwatering Pani Puri’s since 1978, Ganesh Bhel is a well known brand in Pune. Our aim is to put Pune on the world map with our famous “Pani Puri”,  “Bhel” and other tasty street foods. 

After our successful business in Pune, now, with popular demand, we want to reach our loyal customers globally! Hence we have started a range of packed food or “TAKE HOME” packs, so whether you are in Pune or Sydney, you can enjoy the original taste of Ganesh Bhel products at the convenience of your own home. 

“Chatak” is the word in the local dialect for “getting addicted to” or is an adjective describing the taste of some spicy Indian delicacies. So here’s to you getting addicted to the original Puneri Ganesh Bhel...

We just can’t do without

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