A waft of freshly-cooked Indian snacks into nostrils is enough to give anyone a pang of hunger. The crispy, tangy, and savory taste of these foods is too tempting. No wonder fast food restaurants are mushrooming in Pune like anything. If you are craving for fast food, here are 5 ways to make a healthy choice.
  • Choose small portion:Most fast food restaurants offer small, medium, and large portion. If you want to keep your waist line in control, go for small portion. Small-sized snacks contain fewer calories, and are enough to satisfy your pangs of hunger.
  • Choose Indian snacks:Indian snacks mostly use baked items than fried ones. For example, samosa and allo tikki chole chaat have baked potato as fillings. They have low calories and fat than French fries or chicken nuggets.
  • Veggie Sandwich:This tasty snack is made with tomatoes, cucumbers, and potatoes as fillings and served with mint-coriander chutney. They are fast to make, nutritious, and easy on the pocket.
  • Healthy dressings:Fillings, toppings, and dressings make fast food delicious. But they don’t have to add to calories. One best way to ensure healthy dressings is by going for honey mustard sauce.
  • Skip the side dishes:It’s a trend with fast food restaurants to serve snacks with side dishes. If the ingredients are fried, it’s better to skip them. A virtuous choice would be light salad or a small portion of fruit dish.
So next time when you visit any best fast food restaurants in Pune, use these tips to make a healthy choice.