This delectable snack is something that make anyone and everyone salivate at the very mention of it! Paani puri is very much a part of Indian culture in the sense that it is the all time favorite snack of most people thanks to the crispy and wafer thin outer shell that conceals a yummy filling and tangy water within.

But did you also know that Paani puri is probably one of the healthiest snacks that you can have for those snack time cravings between meals? That’s right – with Paani puri, you can actually go right ahead and experiment in a number of ways to make this light yet filling dish, even more healthy. Here are 5 ways for healthy Paani puri:

  • A salad within: This may sound like quite a fusion filled idea, but infusing your paani puri shell with a cool salad can actually be the idea of the century! Take the shell and crack a hole in the middle. Then take a creamy salad made with lettuce, finely chopped bell peppers and plenty of herbs. All you have to do is infuse and eat! Each puri will actually give you just the right dose of carbohydrates and energy without having to stuff yourself with heavy bread.

  • Dip it in Soup: If you are having just some soup for dinner, you can easily ditch the croutons and reach out for the crispy Paani puri instead. Take the puri and dip it into your soup. Then, take a crunchy bite and have a few spoonfuls of soup. You can also serve the potato infused puri with soup for your guests. It can be a whole new way to entertain with fusion cooking! And an easy one too.

  • Salsa Magic: Make some fresh salsa at home with blanched and chopped tomatoes as well as smoked green capsicum. Add lots of freshly squeezed lemon juice, some finely chopped green chillies and plenty of coriander leaves along with salt. Now, you can top each puri with salsa and even add a dollop of sour cream if you happen to have some at home. This can be the perfect appetizer that also helps in burning calories.

  • Baked Shells: Instead of the fried shells, you can also go in for bakes paani puri shells. This will give you an added advantage of health. Look for those bakes shells at the top food brands and their stores. You are sure to find the option you like. You can also stuff these with the fillings above!

  • Paani Puri and fruit: You can create a fruit chaat with all the seasonal fruit and a few grated vegetables like carrots and beetroots for your paani puri. This can become a mid morning or evening snack depending on your mood.

  • All these snacks are perfect for adults and kids alike. You can also try to bake your own paani puris with some spinach rolled into the dough. Try these options and watch as the compliments flow!