India is a country of varied cultural influences that literally change with a change in state of even district. And when we are talking about culture, how can the subject of food be too far? Our culinary heritage is one that uses a number of ingredients and spices in order to satiate the discerning palate. While there are a number of dishes that define the flavor of a certain part of India, there are also many dishes that are consumed unanimously in various parts of the country. Snack items in particular are gently tweaked yet widely used everywhere in India. The Paani Puri is a popular street food all over India.

It mainly consists of hollow puri or shell which is fried in oil for a crispy after effect. A stuffing and a smattering of tangy and sweet water makes it all the more delectable! In fact, this global dish is one that even foreigners love! Here are some reasons as to why it is so popular and famous across the country:

  1. Taste: The first and most obvious reason for a leaning towards Paani puri includes the taste. The sweet, tangy and crisp texture and flavor along with a soft filling of mashed potatoes or lentils can make for a lip smacking time anytime!
  2. An any time snack: Paani puri is a snack that you can enjoy at any time, anywhere. You do not need a big reason or a big appetite to indulge in this snack. An outing with friends, or a sudden craving for something light yet flavorful can easily be satiated with a plate of Paani puri. Morning, evening or noon – this is the perfect snack in between meals too!
  3. Healthy: You will be surprised to know that most chaats and Paani puri in particular are quite healthy. The crispy grain infused shell and the lentil or potato filling can give you plenty of protein.
  4. Community Affair: Eating paani puri or any other kind of chaat is considered as a fitting outing for most people. You can have a go at a plate of the sweet and tangy goodness with your family, or hang out by the corner of your street where a vendor will tend to you and your friends!
  5. Reasonably Priced: The best part about Paani puri has to be the price. For a small sum you get some king sized taste. That makes it affordable and easy to have at any time, with anyone.
  6. Easy to Find: Hunger pangs? Snack craving? Not sure what to have? Paani puri is the way to go. You can easily find a vendor at the corner of most streets all around India. This is the go to snack for most people.
  7. Global Fame: And finally, the global fame of Paani puri is undeniable! People from all over the world have no heard of this dish and there are tourists who even come to India with Paani Puri on their agenda!

 Enough reasons to head out for a plateful of goodness right now? We thought so!