Almost 4 decades ago when entrepreneur Ramesh Gudmewar coined the term Pani Puri, little did he know that he was spurring a whole new story of taste, bringing a whole new experience for generations to come. Today, a quick bite, eating out and street food can all be summed up with this one dish – Pani Puri. Dripping with delicious tangy and sweet water, and a crispy shell stuffed with the goodness of potatoes or lentils – this is one cool yet hot finger food you cannot ignore!

Ramesh Gudmewar is the pioneer of Ganesh Bhel here in Pune, an initiative through which he has taken snacks and street food straight to the tables and palates of homes all over the region. Who would have thought that the boy who bunked school in Nanded to travel to Pune, in order to be with his maternal uncle, would one day head a culinary empire based on eats and treats like none other?

Odd jobs gave way to an idea in 1978 when he rented a hand cart and became a bhel vendor, cranking his equipment day and night to create mouth water, lip smacking goodness like pain puri and bhel, among many other items. By 1998, the idea had turned into a full fledged business and today, Ganesh Bhel is one of the top names in the industry of taste, and the top supplier of its signature bhel.


Vision met courage when Ganesh Bhel decided to go from the simple hand cart to its first fully serviced store in 1998. From here, there has been no looking back. Success has found its inheritors in the next generation, thanks to the able leadership of Rupesh Gudmewar and Dinesh Gudmewar. The Gudmewar brothers are determined to take the company to a whole new level with a plan in place for exports, international and nation franchisees and a number of quality products lined up for its discerning audience.

“From the very beginning, sincerity has been our working principle,” says the founder, adding that “creative leadership means exercising the vision to change the traditional role from the commander to the coach, manager to the mentor, from director to delegates and from one who demands respect to one who facilitates self-respect.”

In this spirit, the Gudmewar brothers even went ahead and successfully fulfilled their first international order which came in all the way from Dubai in 2009. This has led to the shipment of 5,000 packets on a regular basis, since then!


Attractive boxes with packaging that truly speaks of an exotic quality and the heritage from which our food is born and prepared – that truly is the hallmark of the product that Ganesh Bhel brings to the world, and its many dining tables. Whether you are bringing Ganesh Bhel home for a quick snack after a weary day, or you are serving it for a party, or even gifting it to your near and dear ones, the sheer serving style is what will grab the attention of people around you!

Apart from the attractive boxing, Ganesh Bhel is also dedicated to the cause of hygiene and preservation. The boxes are layered in a double wrapping style which ensures that the entry of germs and bacteria is impossible, while the food within remains fresh instead of turning soggy in various weather conditions. We leave absolutely no scope for contact with the air and hands outside, which makes it hygiene and fresh. The original Puneri Bhel is well sealed, layered and protected so that spoilage and leakage does not take place.


The famous DNA-India wrote an article saying, “While the incident of a pani puri vendor near Shaniwarwada using toilet water for making the popular snack has shocked Puneites, the pani puri and bhelwalas in the city should take a cue from the popular joint, Ganesh Bhel and Chaat Products Pvt Ltd.”

Ganesh Bhel makes use of mineral water for its lip smacking Pain Puri, which ensures that clean ingredients enter the system of the diner. A tie up with mineral water brand Bisleri has ensured that 12 to 15 bottles a day are used in order to create the tangy water that gives Pani Puri its main flavor! An ISO Certification was also obtained in 2011, which has set Ganesh Bhel apart from its competition and make it one of the leading names in the industry thanks to its hygiene standards.

Further, the ingredients are sourced from the very best places, whether it is the grains or the flour or the fresh ingredients and spices used in the preparation of the food. The crisp and the fresh taste is down to the fact that each ingredient is hand picked and checked before it is used, in keeping with the standards laid down by the various food inspection organizations of the country.