Chaat is one of the favorite Indian foods which can fill your senses with flavour, and your stomach with a smattering of varied ingredients put together effortlessly. Ganesh Bhel and Chaat have become synonymous names in Pune, thanks to the superior quality and high level of inspection and hygiene followed by the brand. Packaged chaat ingredients have also made their way into the market, both in India and abroad, thanks to the rare combination of its taste and export quality standard. So how can you experiment with chaat and make it a part of your everyday life? Here are a few tips!

 A Chaat Sandwich: Those yummy sandwiches are what come to mind as soon as one starts to crave a snack in the evening or even between breakfast and lunch. So how can you spice things up and have a sandwich like none other? Well, the answer is simple – you simply add some chaat. Take the filling for your sandwich – whether it is mashed potatoes or sliced and diced cucumbers and other vegetables. Add some bhel and a little mint chutney to make a yummy filling. Press between two slices of bread – and your sandwich is ready!

  • A Chaat Salad: You can take some lettuce and add a little sev, bhel and crush some papdi to make a scrumptious snack indeed. Also, you can keep some boiled chickpeas and black beans at hand to add to the merry bowl. This will not only give you a yummy flavour, but also a healthy snack, anytime of the day. You can also add some mint and tamarind chutney to the mix along with a hint of mayonnaise or curd for a creamy yet tangy taste.

  • Chaat with your meals: Who says your regular meals cannot be fun? You should give your typical Indian recipes a quick lift with the addition of bhel or sev as a garnish. Take the vegetable preparations with all their masala and add a topping of sev and mint chutney so that you have a crunchy texture when you dig into your meal. Indian food is know to combine a number of ingredients in order to create a wholesome meal – so why should you leave chaat behind?

  • Combine with Fruit: You can combine your fruits with chaat for a cool twist to your daily fruit intake. Add a little chutney and black salt for the perfect taste as well!

 While there are just three quick ways to experiment with chaat, there are a number of other ways in which you can incorporate the same into your daily life and routine. Street food in India basically involves various kinds of chaat and you would do well to bring in these yummy flavors to make an unforgettable dish. Remember to carry a pack of bhel with you when you have a long day ahead – you can always simply dig into a pack of bhel to satiate those sudden cravings. This will also keep you from reaching out for oily and fatty food!