When we think of a quick snack or a craving that suddenly comes out of nowhere, we instantly think of a fast food restaurant. Burgers, pizzas and chaats spring to the mind as the East meets the West to satiate those hunger pangs and put your tummy at rest! But, many people have a lot of misgivings when it comes to eating food from these fast food restaurants. We are instantly reminded of a number of newspaper articles that reports mishaps that happen soon after people consume something from a place that quickly rustles up a meal.

 Being in the food industry is a challenging this as it does not merely involve creating delectable meals that will keep those diners coming, but it also means that you need to be mindful of the hygiene standards so that you do not compromise the health of your diners in any way. So here are a few tips to maintain hygiene at a fast food restaurant.

  • Keep the hands clean: This is a no brainer that needs to be followed by both the restaurant and the diners. Whether you are eating a fast food place or cooking there, you will need to keep your hands clean at all times. When you are stepping out to eat, always ensure that a hand sanitizer is present in your pocket or your bag so that you can quickly wipe your hands clean with a few drops of the solution. For those who are cooking here, you may need to keep a large bottle of hand sanitizer so that you can clean your hands after each dish has been served.

  • Rules and Regulations: There are a number of rules and regulations that have been laid down by the government so that fast food joints in particular can get a food license. It would be a good idea to look into the same and ensure that your fast food restaurant meets all those standards. This will also help your customers have more faith in your ways. A routine inspection of the kitchen is also a must so that you can get your certificate of hygiene updated on a constant basis.
  • Cleaning Schedules: If you are running a fast food restaurant, you will need to have your cleaning schedules in place. A daily cleaning schedule should tackle all the utensils, and cooking surfaces like countertops so that the food being prepared is also hygienic. Also, you will need a monthly cleaning ritual where there is a rigorous wipe down of all walls and surfaces along with a proper check to avoid any kind of infestation. You should get your gadgets maintained routinely, especially the water purifiers and other such appliances. And you should also get pest control treatment done in your premises on a constant basis.

 Remember that the health and safety of your customers comes first when you have a fast food restaurant. So you should pay heed to the above and avoid unhygienic ways at all costs!